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China Southern Airlines Hanoi to China

China Southern Airlines Hanoi to China

Welcome to China Southern

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Departure Destination Season Class of Ticket / Tax Member Class Price
(not include tax)
Ha Noi* Guangzhou Normal
Members and companions $159.00
Ha Noi* Guangzhou Normal
Members and companions $559.00
For *
  • Valid for flights from: 18 Aug 12 - 31 Dec 12

Interline & Industry Conditions:

For *
  • Valid for (A) Travel Agent, (B) Airlines Staff, (C) International Air Freight Forwarders, (D) Cruise Companies, (E) International Hotel Chains, (F) CRS Companies, (G) International / State Tourist Office, (H) International Sea Freight Forwarders, (I) Retired Airline Staff, (J) Airlines Catering Company , (K) Travel Writers Members, (L) Tour Guides, (M) National Hotel Chain Employees, (N) IATA Employees, (O) Visa/MasterCard/American Express/Foreign Currency Exchange Employees, (P) Air Traffic Control Employees, (Q) Airport Security Card Holders, (R) Resort Staff Employees, (S) Airport Corporation, (T) Travel Insurers Employees, (U) Destination attraction employees, (V) Professional Conference Organisers, (W) Duty Free Staff, (X) Consular/Immigration/Customs employees
  • Minimum stay 03 days. Maximum stay 01 month.

  • Bookings confirms 30 days in prior to departure date.

  • Tickets must be issued within 2 days of confirmation.

  • Departure, arrival or security taxes and charges are to be paid in addition to the airfare, and will vary depending on departure date/port, destination and any transit cities.

  • All Passengers must travel together at all time

  • Children (2-11 years) pay 75% of above fare. Infants under 2 years pay 10% of above fares. No unaccompanied minors.

  • Tickets have 100% of charges cancellation penalty.

  • Prices shown are subject to availability, eligibility and change without notice.

  • A booking fee of USD20 per person applied.

  • Annual Travel Insurance from just $99.00.

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