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SUPPLIERS of reduced rate fares/products/services may impose further conditions upon eligibility for any particular fare, product or industry service, and membership of the Industry Travel Asia (ITA) does not, guarantee, or imply eligibility for any particular fare, product/service offered by ITA. Frequent Flyer/Mileage credits do not apply. Notice: When traveling on special Industry Travel Asia reduced rates, all operators reserve the right to amend a passenger’s booking even after a confirmation has been received. Fares are subject to change without notice. PRICES: All prices quoted in Vietnam Dong and are based on exchange rates prevailing on date individual fare is posted to website. In the event of exchange rate fluctuation, ITA reserves the right to adjust selling prices at the time of booking. Any quote given is confidential and not to be disclosed. Prices provided are an estimate of the fare only, subject to written advice on confirmation of reservation and Airline acceptance of your industry employment verification. AIRLINE TICKETS: are issued at a rate less than retail and there are some airline conditions including no upgrades or frequent flyer points being awarded. In the event you are off-loaded due to change in schedules or over booking, the airline will endeavour to re-book you on the next available flight. You are traveling as representatives of the travel industry. Business dress code is required for travel. Ragged or torn trousers, t-shirts and thongs are not acceptable. You and your family need to be neatly dressed or there is a possibility you will be denied boarding. No alterations to your tickets are permitted once travel has commenced. ITA must receive bookings at least 14 days before your proposed departure date. Bookings received less than 14 days prior to departure date will incur a surcharge. Some products may incur a service charge if not purchased in conjunction with an ITA international airfare. Any bookings received that are discovered to be in any way false or deliberately misleading will incur a 100% cancelation fee and may face prosecution. AMENDMENTS: After you have received confirmation of your travel arrangements and before ticket issue, amendments initiated by the passenger prior to departure will incur a VND 400,000 fee. After ticket issue and prior to departure the fee will be VND 900,000 plus any fee levied by the airlines/operators. Cancelation once travel arrangements have been confirmed prior to departure will be subject to a fee of VND 2,400,000 per passenger, plus any fee levied by Airlines, Cruise and Ground Operators. Refunds to passengers will not be made until ITA has received refunds from the associated Airlines, Cruise and Ground Operators. Once travel has commenced No Refund will be paid. Valuable seats and berths are being allocated to you and if are a "NO SHOW" you will be assessed a 100% cancelation fee. Fares are subject to change without notice. UNUSED VOUCHERS AND SERVICES: Will not be refunded or exchanged once you have commenced your travel. PASSPORTS AND VISAS It is your responsibility to ensure that you and your party have valid passports and applicable visas; no refunds will be made for lack of a Visa as travel authority. TAXES: ITA is required to collect most domestic and foreign airport departure taxes, fuel surcharges, and miscellaneous fees which may appear as taxes on your ticket. The taxes you have paid will appear on your airline ticket as proof of payment. Airport taxes are subject to change. Prices quoted for membership exclude VAT. TRAVEL INSURANCE: We strongly suggest you buy travel insurance to cover all travelers and their belongings. We do not take responsibility for the delivery of tickets sent via post. If documents do not arrive in time for your departure normal cancelation fees will apply to these ticket REFUNDS prior to document issue will take approximately 7 days to process. Once documents have been issued, refunds will not be processed until funds have been reimbursed from the airline and or supplier. ID CARDS Lost or stolen ID cards can be replaced at a re-issue fee of VND 200,000. Membership is non-refundable.


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